Internship Programme

Scarlett House of Languages’ new internship program is an excellent opportunity for students who have completed A2 and above levels in French and German from Scarlett, to gain practical experience in the language industry.

The program’s primary objective is to offer students the opportunity to use their language skills in real-world settings and gain valuable insights into the language industry’s operations. Interns will work closely with language experts and experienced trainers to learn and enhance their skills in the French and German languages. This opportunity will help them develop their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills while also acquiring new knowledge.

Roles and Responsibilities

As a intern at Scarlett- House of Languages, your role and responsibilities would involve several key tasks and duties. These may vary depending on the specific position you are hired for, but in general, you can expect to be responsible for the following:

Learning into action in a real-world

Assist in teaching: As an intern, you will be expected to assist in teaching language classes to students who are learning French, German, or preparing for the IELTS exam. This may involve helping to plan lessons, leading small group activities, grading assignments, and providing feedback to students.


Conduct research: You may also be tasked with conducting research related to language learning and teaching. This could involve reviewing literature on language acquisition, investigating different teaching methodologies, or analyzing data related to student performance.

Help with administrative tasks: As an intern, you may be asked to help with administrative tasks such as organizing class schedules, responding to student inquiries, or preparing materials for upcoming classes.


Participate in professional development: You will have the opportunity to participate in professional development opportunities offered by Scarlett House of Languages. This may include attending workshops, observing experienced teachers, or participating in online training courses.

Collaborate with other staff: You will work closely with other staff members at Scarlett House of Languages, including language instructors, program coordinators, and administrative assistants. You may be asked to collaborate with these colleagues on projects or initiatives designed to improve the quality of language instruction and student outcomes.

Get a student to professional learning experience

Helps you better understand the theories and strategies you have been reading about, cementing the learning process and giving you greater focus.
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I am Archie Arora, a content writer at Scarlett - House of Languages. Passionate about writing, I take pride in crafting engaging content that resonates with audiences. Working with a talented team of writers and marketers, I am dedicated to delivering high-quality work that helps businesses grow.

Archie Intern

Myself Diksha Mehra from Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh, highly extrovert girl, pursuing Bachelor of Business Administration (2021-23) from Sri Sri University, Cuttack, Odisha.
My areas of interest and specialization are in HRM, Sales & Marketing.

Also, I have experience in managing an event as I have been the head of one of my college events.

Right now I am working at Scarlett- House Of Languages, as an Admission Counselor.

I am good at speaking and interacting with people and to built a strong and healthy relation with them, also believes in a unity and in a team work.

Diksha Mehra
Diksha Mehra Intern

Hey, I'm Abhay from Calicut, Kerala doing my final year B.Tech in computer science. I got into digital marketing through various courses and doing my first internship at Scarlett. It's been a super awesome experience till now and I hope to do my best in the future

Abhay Intern