About the German Course

Welcome to Scarlett-House of Language and our German courses! Our online language school offers a comprehensive curriculum that helps you learn German at your own pace and according to your own needs.

Our German courses are divided into four levels: A1, A2, B1, and B2. Each level builds on the previous one to help you improve your language skills steadily.


Scarlett House of Languages offers German A1 level courses for learners who are just beginning to learn German. This level is the starting point for beginners, where they will learn essential German words and phrases and develop their basic language skills. In the A1 level course, students will learn how to introduce themselves and have simple conversations, express their likes and dislikes, ask and answer questions about personal information, talk about their family, work, and hobbies. They will also learn about basic German grammar topics such as definite and indefinite articles, verb conjugation, and sentence structure. The course is designed to help learners build a solid foundation in German, perfect for those who plan to visit a German-speaking country or start studying German for academic purposes. Scarlett House of Languages offers a supportive and nurturing learning environment to help students achieve their language goals. The German A1 level course is taught by experienced and certified language trainers who use communicative teaching methods to make learning German fun and engaging. If you are interested in learning German, Scarlett House of Languages’ A1 level course is an excellent opportunity to start your language learning journey. Contact us today to learn more about our courses and services.


Scarlett House of Languages offers A2 level German courses to those who already have a basic understanding of the language. At this level, you will be able to communicate in German about everyday topics and situations. You will learn to use basic vocabulary and grammar to describe your daily routines, give and follow directions, and talk about your hobbies and interests. The course will focus on improving your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills through interactive exercises and group activities. You will also learn about German culture and customs. At the end of the A2 level course, you will be able to take the A2 Goethe-Zertifikat exam, which is an internationally recognized certification of your German language proficiency. This certification can be used for educational or professional purposes. Joining Scarlett House of Languages’ A2 level German course is a great way to take your language skills to the next level and gain confidence in using German in daily life.


Scarlett House of Languages offers a German B1 course for students who already have knowledge of the German language up to A2 level. The B1 level is an intermediate level of German and provides individuals with the ability to communicate independently in various everyday situations. The course curriculum includes a range of topics, including describing experiences and events, expressing opinions, providing explanations, and discussing future plans. Students will also learn more complex grammar structures such as reported speech, the subjunctive mood, and modal verbs. In addition to the in-class lessons, students will have access to extra materials and resources to help them practice and improve their language skills, including online exercises, reading and listening materials, and homework assignments. The German B1 course at Scarlett House of Languages is taught by qualified and experienced teachers who provide individual attention to each student and make sure that they reach their language learning goals. Upon completion of the course, students receive a certificate indicating their proficiency level in German, which can be useful when applying for jobs, universities, or other educational opportunities.


Scarlett House of Languages is a renowned institute offering German language courses to individuals with varying proficiency levels. At the B2 level, students can expect to enhance their existing language skills and develop the ability to communicate fluently and effectively in German. The B2 level course will include advanced grammar rules, complex sentence structures, and a wider vocabulary. Students will be taught to convey ideas and opinions coherently, using appropriate tone and level of politeness in a range of formal and informal settings. They will also be trained to understand and interpret written and spoken texts, and to participate in discussions and debates with confidence. At Scarlett House of Languages, experienced instructors will ensure that the teaching is interactive, engaging and motivational, using a range of modern techniques, including multimedia resources and interactive tools, to make learning fun and effective. The course will be structured systematically to track progress, and regular assessments will be conducted to evaluate learning outcomes. Upon completing the B2 level at Scarlett House of Languages, students will have a sound understanding of the German language, and the ability to express themselves fluently in both spoken and written forms. They will also be equipped with the necessary skills to pursue higher education or career opportunities in German-speaking countries, or to communicate effectively with German-speaking colleagues, clients or customers.

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